Rabbit Rap

Listen to a clip

Echo Chant:
Hey little rabbit
With your ears so long
And your fur so soft
And your legs so strong
Do you bounce up and down
When you hop hop hop
Do your ears do a dance
When they flip flip flop
Does your tail go swish
When you wiggle wiggle wiggle
Does your nose you twitch
When you giggle giggle giggle
Hey, little rabbit
It’s time to move along
Your feet can keep the beat
To your hip-hop song





With all of the musical choices we have for our kids these days it’s nice to find something that is awesome… reminds me of the days when Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock started.

John Forbes, Composer and Producer, Nashville/Atlanta – CBS, “The Good Wife”, “This Cup”, FIFA World Cup 2014, Arranger and Keyboard for Rick James “Urban Rhapsody”, Solo keyboardist for Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston


Great stuff! I especially love that rabbit rap! The voice is awesome and has  a James Earl Jones-thing happening.. super cool!

Nate Jasensky, NYC Guitarist, www.natejasensky.com