Ocean Lullaby

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There’s commotion in the ocean
As the fish are waking up
I see the waves a rollin’ in
And hear a new seal pup

There’s commotion in the ocean
As the creatures down below
Begin their day of watery bliss
And whales come up to blow

There’s commotion in the ocean
Along the rocky shore
As a great big herd of walrus
Say good morning with a roar

There’s commotion in the ocean
Upon the sandy beach
As the tide goes out and leaves behind
Good food that birds can reach

The commotion in the ocean
Finally settles down
As the sea prepares to go to sleep
In her aqua-blue nightgown

Snuggle up for a seahorse ride
Upon a magic ocean wide
and drift away on a rolling tide

Loolay Looli

You’re the captain of the crew
The waves are dancing just for you
Sea turtles will swim with you all night through

Loolay Looli

Come and rest your sleepy head
On a gently floating bed
In a quiet space where angel fish tread

Loolay Looli

Whales will sing soft lullabies
Starfish light the evening skies
Blow a kiss to the dragonflies

Loolay Looli

The sea will rock you off to sleep
As dreams dive into your slumber deep
They are yours forever to keep

Loolay Looli

When you’re awake and ready to play
Dophins will carry you into the day
Ocean dreams in your heart will stay

Loolay Looli