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Kindness is contagious
It spreads from place to place
Kindness is contagious
Puts smiles on every face
Kindness is contagious It flies on gentle wings
Kindness is contagious Such happiness it brings


Kindness is contagious
It moves from hand to hand
Kindness is contagious, all across the land
Kindness is contagious, it touches every heart
Kindness is contagious, we all can do our part


Kindness is a circle of love in action
Kindness is a circle, a magnet of attraction
Kindness is a circle that always flows
Kindness is a circle that always show and glows


Kindness is courageous, everybody knows
when we care, when we share,
Kindness grows & grows & grows
Let’s give Kindness away at work and at play
Let’s give Kindness away today
In any language in any land
Kindness is here to stay





I love these tunes!  The entire album would be a great addition to any classroom or home with children.

Le Anne Lawhead, M.Ed., Early Childhood Education Faculty, Yavapai College, Prescott, Arizona