Jungle Gym

Listen to a clip

Oh the animals work out at the Jungle Gym
They climb in the trees and in the river they swim
Some swing on branches in the canopy so high
Then they drop back down parachuting from the sky

Insects inch along on the rainforest floor
Carrying such weight always looking for more

There are races in open spaces
Where animals can run in the sun
As they grow strong they sing their song
Working out here looks like so much fun

Parents bring their children to play & romp
Even baby elephants join in with a stomp!
Birds stretch their wings & flap them up & down
Crocodiles snap and smile, they rarely ever frown

Oh the Jungle Gym is the place to be (It is?)
A place to become so healthy & free (Wow!)
We can learn from the animals
as we watch them move (We can?)
Then loosen our bodies to find our own groove. (Let’s dance together!)

Bee-bop ah-diddle-dum Bee-bop ah-roo
Bee-bop ah-doodle-dum Bee-bop ah-choo!
Oo-ah-ee diddle-dum-dee
Oo-ah-ay Bee-bop ah-day!