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Imagination can set you free
Imagination is the place to be
Imagination is a thing to share
That takes you anywhere

Imagine rainbows in your soup
Imagine penguins playing hula-hoop
Imagine clouds that you can eat
Imagine stop signs marching down the street

Imagination gives you wings to fly
Imagination lets you laugh and cry
Imagination is a thing to know
That shows you how to grow

Imagine peacocks dancing with llamas
Imagine trees wearing pink pajamas
Imagine stars with stripes of green
Imagine snakes shaking tambourines

Imagination can make you smile
Imagination can change your style
Imagination is a magic mind
It’s amazing what you’ll find

Imagine raindrops as big as cars
Imagine going on a trip to Mars
Imagine friends, the whole world-wide
Imagine playing on a giant slide

Kazoo Chorus

A purple cat? Imagine that
A horse with wings? Imagine such things
Chocolate milk from a cow? Imagine it now
A house of candy? That would be handy
Don’t be afraid go ahead explore
Imagination will open every door
There’s no limit no need to wait
Let your IMAGINATION create!






Wow…totally awesome! What a great way for children to learn about…whatever! This music get across any message because it engages all aspects of a person – heart, soul & body.

TERRIE ASHBAUGH, M.M. – Artistic Director, Southern Arizona Women’s Chorus