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Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, T-Rex, the king.
Once upon a time, dinosaurs ruled everything!

Dino Dinosaur Ah-Roo-Gah!
Dino Dinosaur Ah-Roo-Gah!

First the dino egg starts a creakin’ a creakin’
Then the dino egg starts a squeakin’ a squeakin’
Soon the dino baby is a peekin’ a peekin’

Dino Dinosaur Ah-Roo-Gah!
Dino Dinosaur Ah-Roo-Gah!

As the baby dino starts a growin’ a growin’
Many dino teeth all start a showin’ a showin’
When that dino roars I’ll be a goin’ a goin’

Dino, Dinosaur Ah-Roo-Gah!
Dino, Dinosaur Ah-Roo-Gah!

Brand new dinosaurs are seen a rompin’ a rompin’
While big daddy dinos do some stompin’ a stompin’
All the dinosaurs find snacks for chompin’
for chompin’

Ah-romp romp romp
Ah-stomp stomp stomp
Ah-chomp chomp chomp




The whole album has so much substance not only in the music making and its elements, but in its message! It is a creative and vibrant project that engages your ears and soul.

Dr. Marcela Molina, Director, Tucson Girls Chorus