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I got bones in my body from my head to my toe
Got bones in my body that keep me on the go
Got bones in my body I wanna keep ‘um strong
‘Cuz everywhere I go my bones come along
Finger bones, hand bones, bones in each wrist
I can wiggle I can clap I can do the twist
Arm bones, shoulder bones, bones in my spine
I can hug I can shrug I can curve so fine
Foot bones, leg bones, bones in each knee
I can walk I can kick,I can run so free
Head bones, neck bones, bones in each hip
I can nod I can turn I can shake and dip
Cheekbones, jawbones, bones in my nose
I can smile I can chew I can smell a rose
My bones are all connected they work as one
Great to have a skeleton it’s so much fun!




Foot-tapping, spirit-lifting, and seriously fun music for children and for the child in all of us – can’t wait to buy the album for friends and family.

LaVonne Douville, Chief Impact Officer, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona