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I’m an insect just a crawlin’ all around.
I’m an insect with six legs on the ground.
I use antenna for feeling what I’ve found.
I hop or jump or fly or buzz where I’m bound.
Perhaps you’ve read of my abdomen
thorax and head.
I come in colors like black or brown or red.
I’m an insect that you needn’t really dread.
Now it’s time for me to jump into bed.

Do you BaDoo? I do BaDoo
I’m an insect just a flyin’ all around
I’m an insect with NO legs on the ground
The big blue sky is the place I am found
I use the air to travel where I’m bound
Perhaps you’ve read of my beautiful wings?
They’re oh so strong & their sound almost sings.
I’m very good at pollinating plants
I also know how to do my own dance

Use your hands. Use your feet.
Use your shoulders, to keep the beat.
Move your knees. Move your hips.
Move your arms & move your lips.







I absolutely love the song BaDoo. It was recorded and produced with impeccable quality. My 5 year old danced around and sang with it almost immediately. This is the kind of musical content that parents look for. Safe and enriching for all children.

John Forbes, Composer and Producer, Nashville/Atlanta, CBS, “The Good Wife”, “This Cup”, FIFA World Cup 2014, Arranger and Keyboard for Rick James “Urban Rhapsody”, Solo keyboardist for Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston


BaDoo has all the elements of a great kids song – strong rhyme, rhythm, repetition – with an ear worm of a hook that will stay with you.  Not to mention its humor! These folks know what they’re doing!

Bill Harley, 2-Time GRAMMY WINNER, Children’s Category


You know it’s a winner when you listen to Badoo one more time, not just because it has all that great vocabulary about bugs…but because it’s just that good!

Le Anne Lawhead, M.Ed., Early Childhood Education Faculty, Yavapai College, Prescott, Arizona


Wow, the tune “BaDoo” is perfect… I found it to be clever, enjoyable to listen to, educationally sound and age appropriate. I truly believe that the children and their parents will get a big “kick” out of the listening experience.

Dr. Willie Hill, Director of the Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Former Executive Director, International Association of Jazz


BaDoo is a very well composed and executed cartoon-like piece, with a bit of a New Orleans undertone.

Alex Alessandroni, Pianist, Director, Composer with multiple artists including Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Nelly Furtado, Leann Rimes, Toni Braxton and Natalie Cole.


BaDoo is a unique, funky tune for kids of all ages with a beat that keeps listeners entertained from beginning to end.

Reinaldo Marcus Green, Filmmaker, Stone Cars


BaDoo captures the feel of the bug flying through plants like it’s in a jungle with that jazzy feel. That’s the part I think that would get the children dancing and using their imagination. Can’t wait to see the video!

TERRIE ASHBAUGH, M.M., Artistic Director, Southern Arizona Women’s Chorus