Rabbit Rap – Recognizing Rhyming and Prediction Based on Foreshadowing

Strategy: Recognizing Rhyming and prediction based on foreshadowing
Concept: Eating healthy food makes our bodies and minds healthier

While there is an infinite number of ways you can use Rabbit Rap to connect to learning, below is one approach to elevating a child’s emotional connection to learning and predicting what may happen in a story based on foreshadowing.

  1. Follow along with the children in the song by repeating the spoken chant.
  2. Have the children depict the key words in the chant sections.
  3. Listen to the song again and pay attention to the rap sections and ask the children questions such as:
    1. What is happening to the rabbit in each section?
    2. What is it happening to the rabbit?
    3. What could the rabbit do differently next time?
  4. Have the children create movements which depict the key moments during the rap sections.
  5. Have the children perform the entire song with the chant, rap and movements.
  6. Ask the children if they could co-write their own rap about a rabbit or other animal?
    1. Engage the children in early childhood songwriting by asking:
      1. What animal do you want to focus on?
      2. What is the point of view for the song?  Who is speaking and who are they speaking to?
      3. What is the message of the song?
      4. What happens at the beginning, middle and the end of the song?
      5. Can you make some words rhyme?

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