BaDoo – Building Language with the Human Body

Strategy: Building Language with the Human Body
Concept: Seeing bugs as a healthy part of the environment

There is an infinite number of ways you can use BaDoo to connect to language since the song was created with language in mind specific to rhyming and pattern.  Below is just one “recipe” you can start with as you continue to make each song a part of the learning journey for your children.

  1. Engage your children in a  call and response game (Simon Says) using the words from BaDoo
  2. Increase the level of engagement by playing the call and response game while asking your children to come up with movements to represent the meaning of the key words.  Take some time to have your children identity the key words.
  3. During the two “BIG” sections which are louder, ask your children to create a pattern of dance moves that they can do “in time” with the music.
  4. Have your class put it all together and perform the call and response along with the dance moves.
  5. As potential extensions of learning, consider the following:
    1. Ask the children to describe the kinds of bugs they think are in the song BaDoo.
    2. Have them make an initial drawing on their own of the bug they choose in #1.
    3. Engage the children in a study, over time, of that bug and how it impacts the environment.
    4. After enough time has passed for the child to increase their understanding of that bug, have them re-draw the bug and the environment it lives in.

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