About the Artists

ALICE PRINGLE is a musician and teacher with over 4 decades of experience in early childhood education. Her love of music and movement began as a young child with tap dancing and continued through college and adulthood to include folk and Afro-Brazilian dance. She earned her BA in Music and Music Education from Macalester College as well as a certificate from the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria. She worked at the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis, MN until 1988 when she moved to Tucson, AZ. Since then, she has worked as a Wolf Trap artist, collaborated with the Arts Genesis program and continues to work in local preschools as a music and movement specialist. Kaleidoscope is Alice’s first studio album and was inspired by the many amazing children with whom she has had the privilege of sharing music over the years.

ENRIQUE FELDMAN is an Artist and Educator who’s influence is worldwide. His highlights include:

  • Founder and Director of Education, Global Learning Foundation *Co-Owner and Director of Education, Global Learning Groups *Co-Founder of Context Method®
  • Senior Facilitator for Arts Integration Solutions
  • Redleaf Press author of “Living Like a Child”
  • Co-Author of the children’s book series “Sam the Ant” (in progress) *Co-Producer and Performing Artist of the theatrical show “Dancing in the Universe” *Co-Producer and Performing Artist for theatrical show “The Inner Journey” *2-Time Grammy Nominated Composer and Artist

Founded in 2015, the Global Learning Foundation (GLF) is focused on changing the paradigm from education to learning, with an emphasis on creating autonomous learners and using artistic approaches to engage the learner. Formerly the F.A.M.E. Foundation, which has served over 85,000 children and families, we have acted locally and thought globally from our inception. The F.A.M.E. Foundation (Fostering Arts-Mind Education) has expanded it’s impact and has formally transitioned into the Global Learning Foundation, retaining it’s non profit status. A thought leader in artistic, creative and innovative professional development, Enrique’s initiatives have been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, with it’s main focus on early childhood education. Enrique has presented numerous keynotes and workshops for organizations; from national entities such as NAEYC and NAFCC, to local workshops for fathers, parents, cultural awareness and community building. Together with a team of world class educators and artists, and their partner organizations, they foster sustainable, organic and research-based learning models which develop the potential of the learner with the intent of revealing purpose.

As an artist, Enrique is a film composer (Gun Hill Road/Cruzando), pianist and producer. He is a former professor of music and education at the University of Arizona and the University of Wisconsin. His journey in life is interwoven with his wife and concert pianist Marie Sierra, their 17 year old son Nick, and their 21 year old daughter, Sam.

OSCAR FUENTES, a Tucsonan since 2009, is a singer, songwriter, performer and recording engineer. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1968, he started his music career 30 years ago as a drummer and singer. He later became the lead singer for hard rock bands and by the mid 80s Oscar began to evolve as a solo artist. Playing at multiple venues including cultural centers and universities, he performs his original music and songs by his favorite songwriters. Having traveled extensively with his guitar all over Mexico, Oscar has placed himself firmly in the country’s music scene, especially in Guadalajara.

He is known for a fusing several genres including Rock & Roll, Salsa, Pop, Ranchera and of course the Blues. He has worked in recording studios for over 14 years and has produced many albums for Mexican artists. Most recently he has produced and recorded two albums in his TucSound Recording Studio; Leigh Lesho’s debut album 444 and Alice Pringle’s debut album, Kaleidoscope.