About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a revolutionary children’s album by artist Alice Pringle, that is beloved by adults as much as it is by children. Filled with rhyming, rhythm and layers of sound, this album brings the world to the listener. Produced by Enrique “Hank” Feldman, it features 12 musical genres in one album which all build the auditory palette of a child with layers upon layers of organic sound design. Recorded at TucSound Recording Studio, the listener travels from spoken word, to folk songs, to rap, to lullabys to beatbox and the blues. The album has been created to elicit authentic emotional responses, which in turn connects to the the processing of an elevated memory for the young listener.

From Alice:

The creation of this album has been a healing and collaborative journey. It began as a celebration of life through music following the loss of my dear mother. My vision was to transform the songs and poems composed during my decades of teaching into music to share with the families and educators of the world. I was incredibly fortunate to find a terrific team of individuals to join me along the way. Each one provided his or her own unique and invaluable contribution. The process of recording each track was like looking into a kaleidoscope: different shapes and colors, ever-shifting and evolving, but always beautiful. The end result seeks to expand the very definition of children’s music and truly reflects the diversity and talents of the performers involved. With much gratitude, it is my delight to present this collection of music. May it bring joy, laughter, and uncontrollable urges to dance to all those who listen.


The song BaDoo has all the elements of a great kids song – strong rhyme, rhythm, repetition – with an ear worm of a hook that will stay with you. Not to mention its humor! These folks know what they’re doing!

Bill Harley, 2-time Grammy winner, Children’s Category